About - DollyWolly Quilting and Sewing,LLC 

I love to make things for others. It gives me such joy!

Sneaking out of bed on Christmas Eve as a child is what started my handmade journey all those years ago. Bustling with excitement and anticipation for Santa’s arrival, I stumbled upon my mother quietly sewing the night away. Beside her, a tiny pile of handmade Barbie clothes that she designed and crafted all on her own were waiting to be wrapped. Even today, I still feel terrible for ruining her surprise. But, I must admit, I still smile remembering that Christmas morning as I held a fashion show for my Barbies using all the new clothing my mother made. My passion was fully ignited and my mother soon became my very first sewing teacher. She taught me all the basics and just a few of her tips and tricks. And when she was busy, I went over to my neighbor’s house to learn her sewing skills as well! As an adult, the ability to sew has come in handy on more than one occasion. To me, there has always been something so magical about sewing. The ability to take fabric and transform it into something meaningful and of use has always blown me away. I’ve spent a lifetime creating handmade creations for my children and grandchildren. Every item I create is a labor of love in every sense. There is nothing that brings me greater joy other than knowing I can use my talents to bring happiness to someone else’s life.
I take great care to provide high quality handmade children’s clothing, quality quilts and so much more! With the tutelage of my sister Kathi Carter Sweet, who is an American Quilting Society award winning quilter, I continue to offer new and exciting quilts that will bring warmth to your hearth and home.

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